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Meet The Armless Archer: Matt Stutzman [VIDEO]


Matt Stutzman goes by the nickname, "The Armless Archer," and he is showing the archery and sporting world that he can compete just as well as anyone.

For The Armless Archer Matt Stutzman, "Impossible is a state of mind." That is a lesson that he learned from his parents at a very young age after he was born without arms.

Stutzman says his parents were very supportive and helpful to him growing us as he learned to live a life without arms. He got used to doing things in a different way than others but still managed to succeed in just about everything he wanted. One of the things Stutzman wanted to do was shoot archery and thus, The Armless Archer was born.

If, like most, you are still wondering how he physically does it, check it out in the video below.

The Armless Archer has been making a splash in the archery world, not just because he is able to shoot a bow with no arms, but because he is proving himself to be one of the best archers competing. Stutzman was awarded the silver medal in the 2012 Paralympics and is currently on the Team USA National Archery Team.

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I'm sure you will join us as we wish Matt well on his journey as he continues to train and shoot in hopes of shooting with team USA in the 2016 Olympics.

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Meet The Armless Archer: Matt Stutzman [VIDEO]