Arkansas Fishing Lake to be Drained and Closed for Several Years

How would you react if your favorite fishing lake was drained?

That's what's happening to a lake in Poinsett County, Arkansas: Lake Poinsett in Harrisburg is scheduled to be drained on July 10.

Why? The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission says it's being done for three reasons.

First, bank erosion needs to be repaired. The Commission says this was proposed more than 10 years ago. Second, water control structures need to be replaced. Finally, the fishing habitat will be improved.

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The project will take three to four years. Some folks in the area aren't too happy about it.

"I've talked to a very few people that are in favor of it but I also understand this is something that has to be done," says Harrisburg Mayor Randy Mills. The mayor also says he's concerned about losing revenue from tourists and anglers.

Others figure the efforts will pay off with a better lake.

The lake opened was created and opened in 1961. Beginning in May until Lake Poinsett is drained in July, officials say anglers will be able to catch fish with no limits.