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Antero Reservoir Will Be Drained and Fishing Limits Will Be Raised

The Denver Channel

The Antero Reservoir in Park County, Colorado is getting a facelift and fisherman are invited to reap the benefits.

Park County’s Antero Reservoir will be drained this summer in efforts to fix up the 100-year-old dam on its eastern side. As a result Colorado Parks and Wildlife will raise the fishing limits to help clear out the reservoir.

Beginning this Saturday, those planning to fish at Antero Reservoir will be able to catch up to eight trout without any size restrictions.

Work at the Antero Reservoir began in 2013 and the final steps required to finish the dam require the water to be drained. Denver Water dam safety engineer, Bill Dressel, told reporters, “The primary benefit of this project is to bring the dam up to current safety standards, which will allow us to restore our normal water levels.”

Since May 2011, Denver Water has lowered the Antero Reservoir to gain a better perspective of dam’s condition.

Those wishing to fish at the Antero Reservoir will need a valid fishing license and must adhere to existing rules regarding harvesting fish.

According to CPW, “No snagging of fish will be allowed.”

CPW will conduct a salvage operation while the reservoir drains and fish will be migrating. Those caught will be distributed to surrounding Park County waters. Officials at CPW say;

Once Denver Water’s dam construction project is complete, and the reservoir refills to a level that will overwinter trout, CPW is committed to rebuilding the fishery.

The Antero Reservoir is likely to begin refilling in 2016 and could take anywhere from one to four years to reach desired levels, depending on snowmelt and snowfall. Work on the dam should be completed by 2018.

The draining will begin in the summer after construction needs have been meet and snowmelt levels are satisfactory. The Antero Reservoir will be closed to the public when the draining is in progress.

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Antero Reservoir Will Be Drained and Fishing Limits Will Be Raised