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Argentine Hunter Killed by Elephant in Namibia

This is the second big-game hunter to be killed by an elephant this year.

Jose Monzalvez, a well-known 46-year-old Argentine hunter, was trampled to death by an elephant while tracking a herd in Namibia's Kalkfeld district. Monzalvez was one in a group of five, including one other Argentine and three Namibians.

According to the Namibian Press Agency, a lone elephant charged the group before a shot could be lined up to thwart the attack. Monzalvez held a legal hunting license.

On May 21, South African big game hunter Theunis Botha died after being crushed by a elephant that attacked him. A member of his hunting party shot the animal after it lifted Botha into the air with her trunk, but sadly, the elephant collapsed on top of the fifty-one year old hunter.

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Argentine Hunter Killed by Elephant in Namibia