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Are You Tough Enough for a Late-Season British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt?

Are You Tough Enough For A Late Season Mountain Goat Hunt?

Mountain goats often inhabit extremely rough, difficult-to-access terrain. That didn't stop these guys from attempting a late-season British Columbia mountain goat hunt, though.

Though they don't have quite the same allure as sheep, there's something about mountain goats that drives certain people to hunt them. Even when they're living high in the rocky, snow-covered peaks during the dead of winter, determined hunters can't resist. These Canadian hunting guides decided to outfit their own British Columbia mountain goat hunt during November after they'd finished up guiding clients for the year.

As you can see, they had quite the adventure. And, there's a big difference between hunting mountain goats in August and hunting them in November.

Watch the video to see what I mean.


That looks like a pretty wild hunt! Nice work, guys!

There's a saying that goat country begins where bighorn sheep fear to tread. This video illustrates that point pretty well. The same goes for the old saying about the real work beginning after you get an animal down. Mountain goat hunting isn't for the faint of heart!

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Are You Tough Enough for a Late-Season British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt?