Are You a Shotgun Big Game Hunter? Slug It Out With These 5 Hard Hitters

Shotgun slugs offer massive knockdown power. You'd do well choosing one of these for big game.

Shotgun hunters who target deer and other game prefer slugs for incredible knock down power at short distances. In many locations, they could be required ammunition for big game hunting.

What shotgun slugs should you choose for your hunting needs? We've compiled a list that's perfect for the big game hunter.

We checked high and low and found these great shotgun slugs on Sportsman's Guide that will serve you well for big game hunting.

1. Hornady SST Slug

The Hornady SST Slug is a powerhouse that comes closer to a rifle-like projectile than similar style slugs. It sports a published 2,000 fps. and an incredible 2,664 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.

With a full 25 rounds per box, you have plenty of ammo to sight in and hunt this fall. This 12-gauge slug is a speedy and lethal combination.

2. Hornady American Whitetail

These classic one-ounce Foster style rifled slug loads are a proven deer dropper design. The 1,600 fps. velocity and the 2,484 foot pounds of muzzle energy will drop just about any buck. For smooth bore shotguns, this is certainly a wise choice.

3. Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slugs

Remington's AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slugs offer impressive killing power from a rifled shotgun barrel. Available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge, you'd be choosing a slug that has the power for accurate clean harvests.

4. Rottweil Exact

Hunters using a 20-gauge shotgun with a smooth bore barrel will do no better than using Rottweil 3" Magnum 15/16 Ounce Slugs. These lead slugs fly at 1,495 fps. and will hammer any deer while allowing you to use a lighter, smaller shotgun. That certainly is a winning selection.

5. Lightfield Hybred EXP

Lightfield Hybred EXP shotgun slugs allow use of full 1.25 ounce slugs from a impact discarding sabot round. This 2 3/4" shell will fire a heavy load extremely accurate out of your rifled shotgun barrel or rifled choke tube. They also can be used in a smooth bore shotgun barrel.