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'Apocalypse' Hardware Store Gun Build: It's Not a Sig, but it Works

In the event of some sort of societal breakdown this is a simple hardware store gun you can build yourself from pieces found or purchased.

If you can imagine a national emergency, societal breakdown, military law, national confiscation or natural disaster when firearm access has been prevented or denied, you can also imagine having to build guns on your own. Well, here's a weapon that you could conceivably make from hardware store items.

And if nothing else, it's a practical and fun exercise in upping your hands-on skill level, and improving your self preservation know-how. By the way, please, if you so choose, ignore the political statements at the end of the video. We chose this video strictly because of its gun-building content.

There are a ton of homemade firearm instructional videos on the internet. This is just one example, and it's a pretty good one because it requires a minimal amount of other skills: a little welding and a little machining. It's not too labor-intensive but it does require some basic hand and machine work.

So, it's a good one to hone your skills if you're a beginning handyman. Other builds can be more or less labor intensive and can require more or less specialized machinery. It just depends on where you are with your skill level. Of course, you can learn to build other weapons, traps and tools to help you survive in dicey situations.

Here's another video with a little more hands-on instruction for the same gun:

Homemade or handcrafted gun building is a hobby that is fun, for sure, but it's also a practical skill, especially if you're into prepping or survival scenarios. You never know when being able to build a gun might come in handy, be it for hunting or self defense.

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