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Build Your Own Beautiful and Awesome Speargun [VIDEO]

Step by step images show you how to build a gorgeous and deadly speargun.

Spearfishing, in both fresh and saltwater, is becoming an increasingly popular sport. Like most sports, there’s lots of cool spearfishing gear for you to spend your money on. The speargun itself is the most obvious and necessary piece of equipment.

But, truth be told, most spearguns aren’t very expensive.

For those of us who like to work with out hands, and save a little money, here’s a video that can help you build your own attractive and effective speargun.

This instructional video relies entirely on images and a little bit of written text. It is detailed and shows many images from different angles, which should be enough to lead you to building a fine fish-catching weapon.

Good hunting!

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Build Your Own Beautiful and Awesome Speargun [VIDEO]