Apache Helicopter Pilots Train with Laser-Guided Rockets, and They're Awesome

What's better than an Apache shooting rockets? An Apache shooting laser-guided rockets, of course. 

Apache pilots down at the Hunter Army Airfield in Fort Stewart, GA are getting a special treat with their latest gunnery exercises.

Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Phil Lamb, suggests that, "Today's training is all about readiness and keeping our aircraft and our unit in our organization ready for whatever the nation needs."

And what could we need more than laser-guided rockets? Yeah. We couldn't think of a good answer either.

Check out the video here:

Gunnery training is of vital importance for Apache pilots. The new laser-guided rockets will allow the Apache pilots to be even more precise when engaging targets in battle. That precision will help maximize damage where its needed and minimize the impact elsewhere.

The other perks? Well, the new rockets are not only more precise, but their less expensive to produce and much smaller than their predecessors. Hellfire missiles were formerly used for similar purposes. "Now we can use the hellfires for what they're designed for... structures, bunkers, and heavy armored vehicles", says Officer Patrick Braman.

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