river treasure

Another Big River Treasure Haul: $50 Swimbait and Awesome Shades

Yeah, river treasure hunting looks awesome! 

When you hear about people who go treasure hunting underwater, you think of tropical destinations and sunken ships. However, if you have the proper scuba tanks and a few good locations, river treasure hunting can lead to some good hauls as well.

Just take for example this video you are about to see. River treasure hunting is a real thing and if finding old fishing lures and salvageable junk if your game, welcome to your new favorite addiction!

As the video played the first time I watched it, I found myself strangely captivated by every single find the diver found. I bet it will happen to you as well.

Pretty awesome, right? I used to freedive a crystal clear swimming lake back when I was in high school after super busy weekends at the lake. Often times, wallets, rings, sunglasses, cell phones, and a variety of other treasures were just there waiting a little beyond where others were willing to swim. It sure does remind me a lot of what you just saw.

So what do you think? Is some underwater river treasure hunting in your future this summer? If you want some old crusty lures, maybe it should be!