Angler Uses Unique Technique to Land Huge Bass

If you want to land some huge bass, this guy had a lesson for you.

In this video a seasoned bass angler demonstrates how to fish using 3/8 ounce swim jigs from Keitech. Observe how he fishes and you'll learn a new technique.

As you just heard, the swim baits from Keitech are some of the best out there because they have a very pronounced wiggle action. Using 7-1 gear ratio reel with a medium heavy rod, he is able to pull the bait just below the surface and creates a wake. It's important that he doesn't break the water to mimic the actions of a hungry bluegill.

Note that he keeps the rod tip up for better control, allowing him to pull the bait in slower. This is just one of the many techniques out there for catching huge bass, so you'll have to try this out in your neck of the woods to see if it works for you.