Facebook Screenshot: Rod & Rifle Tackleworld Katherine

Saltwater Crocodile Strikes Angler's Lure, Intense Fight Ensues

When you hook into a saltwater crocodile, you better be ready for a struggle!

The venerable fishing store in Katherine, Northern Territory has a Facebook page called Rod & Rifle TackleWorld Katherine and they just posted the most incredible fishing video that you will see today: a crazy hookup with a saltwater crocodile!

The "Salty" as they are called down under took a serious liking to the angler's Classic 200 Saltwater trolling lure and the fight was on! Oh, and it's official, salties like chartreuse.

Here's where you find out once and for all how good the drag is on your fishing reel, not to mention the quality of the line.

So you thought that big muskie took off on a blazing run that one time? Well, you never hooked up to an adult saltwater crocodile!

One thing's for sure, the drag on that reel was dynamite. Not only that, but the rod was tough as nails and the line never showed one single bit of duress.

Since you're going to want to know what the rod, reel, and line used were all about, here is what they said they used:

And if that wasn't enough, he got his lure back! Although they did say that "it doesn't track as straight as it use to." We're thinking that was the least of his worries on that day.

Congrats to this awesome Aussie angler for the unconventional "catch and release," and here's hoping that the next fish he latches into doesn't have a 3,700 psi bite, which just happens to be the most powerful chomping force in the animal world.

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