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See if You Can ID the Fish Before it Breaks His Line

big fish

Having a great spot to cast and hook up is one thing, playing a big fish the right way is quite another.

We’ve all been guilty of getting a look at a lunker on the end of our line and getting way too excited. Enter one such guy with a great-looking spot that holds fish the size that dreams are made of.

The only trouble is… you guessed it, he overplayed it, and… snap.

Warning: strong language in the video (we’ve never had that reaction, nooo).

It’s possible that it might have been a barramundi, but it’s not even all that certain where this is. Some of the commenters seemed to think it was somewhere down under so we’ll go with it for now.

In any event there’s nothing worse than seeing a really big fish just long enough to get all excited about, only to have it snap your line before you can land it.

In this day and age of great rigs and amazing lines, there can be no excuses!


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See if You Can ID the Fish Before it Breaks His Line