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This Ancient Fishing Village Could be the Birthplace of 3 of Jesus' Apostles

Excavation of an ancient fishing village revealed the possible location of the city Bethsaida.

Three of Jesus' apostles, Peter, Andrew and Philip, may have been born in the fishing village, if the location is confirmed by archaeologists.

The northern Israeli biblical site has been searched for by archaeologists for decades.

The three areas that identified as possible biblical locations are still inconclusive.

However, a group from Nyack College in New York unearthed areas of a possible Roman era bathhouse. The team also discovered potsherds and coins from the 1st to 3rd centuries. These discoveries are consistent with Josephus Flavius, a first-century historian. He wrote that Roman King Philip Herod transformed Bethsaida into a polis called Julias.

Mordechai Aviam, the lead archaeologist, recorded that the Roman layer lies nearly six feet below one from a Byzantine era.

Bethsaida in the Hebrew means "house of fish."

The team feels they will likely discover more clues to confirm the site is Bethsaida.

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