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Federal Premium Says They Hired 1,500 New Workers in 18 Months to Combat Ammo Shortages

Federal Premium gives an update on the current state of ammo production.

Sportsmen and women across the country have been feeling the frustrations of the current ammo shortage that started back in early 2020. While some areas are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, plenty of others are still experiencing bare shelves. Federal Premium decided to give another production update on their social media channels.

Federal Premium President Jason Vanderbrink says the company has upped production by as much as 40 percent. More significantly, he says they have added approximately 1,500 new employees in the past 18 months.

Hear Vanderbrink talk more about the shortage and what they are doing to combat the problem in the video below.

Most notable here is Federal Premium's acquisition of Heavy Shot and Remington brands and getting those factories up to full speed. As you may recall, Remington went through a second bankruptcy in July of 2020. It came two years after the company's first bankruptcy and effectively shut down production for a while. This probably did not do anything to help ammo stocks, which were already being exhausted by an influx of new gun buyers due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In April of this year, Vanderbrink announced Remington was back in business and was running operations 24/7 to help with the shortage. In this latest video, Vanderbrink also addressed rumors of ammo being withheld or being sold exclusively to the government. While he says some does go to law enforcement, most of it is going to store shelves.

"This is not the case, we are selling this and shipping our ammunition to the same customers that we always have," Vanderbrink said.

Vanderbrink says the industry has also been affected by the supply chain shortages that are hitting all parts of the market. Specifically, things like powder, brass, and resin which are vital in the manufacture of ammunition. Combine those shortages with a record number of new gun buyers and it is a perfect recipe for an ammo shortage.

Hopefully the changes to staffing and manufacturing start leading towards fewer empty ammo shelves in the coming weeks. Especially with firearms hunting seasons set to open around the country soon.

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