Amish Upset by Plan to Require Buggy Registration and Horse Diapers

How many people agree with the new rules? The proposed ordinance would require horses on public roads to wear a device to collect feces and to have rubber horseshoes. This is happening in a rural Lycoming County township in Pennsylvania.

In addition to the horse diapers, they would require the registration of all equine-pulled carriages, buggies or carts operating on township or state highways.

The horse diapers seem over the top especially if this as rural as I think it is but I totally can see the need to clean up the horse manure to an extent as it's smelly and we have huge piles in our pasture when the neighbor's horse comes over. reports that there have been a lot of complaints about the manure.

"Numerous complaints of horse manure on roadways is the reason for the ordinance requiring horses to wear something to catch their feces, supervisors say. The manure creates public safety and health issues, they say."

The reason for requiring rubber horseshoes is that the metal ones rapidly break down the road surface, creating a danger to the motoring public, the supervisors say. Motorcycles are at particular risk.

The fines are no joke either. The fines for violating any of the ordinances would range from $100 to $1,000 for the offense. The minimum fine for a second offense would be $500. 

The article also reports that the Amish clearly are opposed to the bill.

"The Amish community and its supporters will oppose the "absurd and outrageous proposition" and if necessary they will file a civil rights action in the courts, said Clifford Rieders, a Williamsport attorney who is representing them."

Tell us what you think, do you know of anyone facing these issues, in the comments below!

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