American Woman Disappears After Going To Bahamas On Yoga Retreat
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American Woman Disappears After Going To Bahamas On Yoga Retreat

It may sound a bit like a Liam Neeson movie, but reality is often bleaker and more unsettling. An American woman disappeared in the Bahamas last week. She went on a yoga retreat to the islands, but she vanished into thin air.

If this was the movies, someone would go and track her down. But in real life, there are often more questions than answers. Her family is desperate to find her, believing she is in grave danger. No one has seen 41-year-old Taylor Casey since last Wednesday. They last saw her around Paradise Island. It is located near Nassau, which has a lot of crime. Royal Bahamas Police Force has filed a missing person's report.

Casey went to the Bahamas to participate in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. Sadly, she's now joined the missing persons list. Her family is speaking out, urging anyone with any information to step forward.

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"We are deeply concerned for Taylor's safety and well-being," Casey's mother, Colette Seymore, said in a statement. "We love Taylor and want her home. Her mother also added, "I believe Taylor is in danger because she was eager to share her yoga retreat experience with others upon her return. Taylor would never disappear like this."

According to the retreat, Casey never showed up for her Thursday class. The last time her fellow retreat attendees saw her was on Wednesday evening. No one has seen her since. The retreat assured the family that it is cooperating with local authorities to find the missing American woman.

American Woman Disappears

"The Ashram is asking anyone with information on Ms. Casey to contact the local police," the retreat center said, per the outlet. "In the interim it is collaborating with the authorities on their investigation."

To aid in the search, Casey's family is planning to travel to the Bahamas this week to try to locate the missing woman. According to family members, Casey is "intelligent, deeply caring, thoughtful, and joyful person." They said she's been practicing yoga for 15 years.

Recently the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning about the Bahamas. They warned tourists to practice increased caution due to higher crime in the area. They suggested that tourists remain ever vigilant due to violent altercations.

"Violent crime, such as burglaries, armed robberies, and sexual assaults, occur in both tourist and non-tourist areas," according to the State Department.