Lock It Up: Amazon Has Turned Cars Into Package Lockers

Sick of "package pirates"? Well, Amazon is ready to turn your car into a delivery location.

Amazon is making another connection with some other big names. What is it this time, you ask? The Seattle-based tech giant announced this week it is teaming up with GM and Volvo to provide a service that turns cars into Amazon lockers, holding packages for customers. Volvo and GM vehicles will be unlocked remotely and then re-locked. Seems airtight...



Forbes is reporting that the service is an extension of its Key in-home delivery initiative and aims to curb the amount of packages stolen from the doors of those who receive the packages. As long as the customer is okay having someone get into their car, then by all means, run with it.

Amazon has been trying to make sure its packages get to its customers. It's created a network of Amazon lockers where Prime members can have their packages delivered. One location Amazon is doing this is at WHole Foods, which it owns, where customers can get 5% cash back for using the Amazon Visa card.

Lock It Up

Now, your car is now your locker. This could actually work, but we know you're going to check your car thoroughly after you see your package has arrived. Sunglasses still there? Insurance and registration? Better hope.

Customers will receive a notification when the package is on its way to their car and when the delivery is complete and the car is locked. Easy peazy. But some do worry that giving away random USPS carriers access to a car is a bad idea for security and privacy reasons.

How do you feel about this added feature? Would you be okay having a stranger get into your car and being able to unlock it? Let us know on Facebook!

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