Alligator Hunt
YouTube: BlacktipH

BlacktipH Catches Boatload of Alligators While Hanging With Commercial Hunting Operation

BlacktipH tries gator hunting for the first time ever.

Hunting for alligator is one of the more unique experiences here in the United States. There are a bevy of ways that people use to catch these animals. Hook and line, snagging, trapping, spot and stalking. It makes for an interesting season no matter where they are found.

Today we're sharing with you a video from one of our favorite saltwater fishing YouTubers, BlacktipH. We are used to seeing Josh Jorgensen out on the open ocean fishing for sharks and big goliath groupers. However, he's never afraid to try something new and that's just what he does in this video.

Watch as Josh joins a commercial gator hunting outfit to search the marshes of Louisiana for some large gators. They end up catching a 10-footer that is the very definition of a dinosaur!

The American alligator is one of the great conservation success stories here in North America. Their numbers were dwindling in the 1960s and 70s. To the point that they eventually received protection under the Endangered Species Act. It only took about 14 years for alligator populations to rebound and the species was officially de-listed in 1987. If only it was that easy with every species that receives that designation!

In any case, careful management by states since then has allowed for great success during established hunting seasons and for states to allow commercial operations like you saw in this video today. These guys harvested 11 gators. Alligators are continuing to expand back into their historic ranges and as a result, many new states are starting to establish seasons. It's good news because it means a healthy, robust population.

One may not realize it, but alligator meat is quite tasty, and their skins have a variety of uses. These were some true giant gators Josh and the crew harvested here. We're hoping to see him do some more gator hunting videos starting next season!

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