Alligator Eats Drone
YouTube: Faheem Anwar

Alligator Chomps Annoying Drone That Flew Too Close

Look, we enjoy drones as much as everyone else. They're fun to fly and get a bird's eye view of your surroundings, especially when exploring a place you've never visited. However, there are times when you should not fly them too. Near people, over a city, or near wildlife. Today's video is an example of that last one. A drone operator has spotted a considerable alligator and decides to fly the drone in for a close-up shot of the enormous reptile. Maybe they didn't know how fast alligators were. Perhaps they have no common decency and respect for wildlife. Whatever the case, this drone is flying way too close to the gator.

Fortunately, in a hilarious bit of karma, the big gator suddenly rears up and snatches the drone right out of the sky! The group can do nothing but watch as the alligator chomps the drone repeatedly, sending out a massive plume of smoke from the reptile's jaws as the drone slowly dies. The people pestering the alligator named him George because they repeatedly pleaded, 'Don't eat that, George!'

I'm a drone owner, but I cannot sympathize with anyone lacking common sense and harassing wildlife. So, it was easy for me to root for "George" in this case. Maybe these people will think twice before giving pet names to wildlife and then believe they can do whatever they want without consequences for stupid behavior. We hope the gator spit that drone out later and let it sink to the bottom, where they can never retrieve it.

Although we wish we had the footage of this drone's last moments. It had to be spectacular. Take this footage as further proof that you should never harass an alligator. They are big and cranky and don't take it well when something annoys them. We shouldn't need to remind people of that, but this video further proves that we must.

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