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Has AK ALFA Just Modernized the AK-47? You Decide

ak alfa is the modernized ak-47

The iconic AK-47 has just had a makeover.

The AK ALFA Rifle is the modernized version of this classic Russian design. Take a look and decide if the AK ALFA is the modernized AK-47 of the future or not.

Love the design or hate it the AK-47 has survived war after war and continues to fight even when almost rusted solid. This Russian classic relic from the cold war is all blued steel and wood. Is it time for a new look for this classic rifle?

If you are a fan of synthetic stocks and all of the modern bells and whistles this video shared on Facebook by The Gun Collective will heat up your life. Fully adjustable stock that folds, an adjustable cheek rest and many other tacti-cool goodies are ready for the modern tactical operator.

Well if you are a classic AK-47 rifle enthusiast shield your eyes. As for us, well just guess what we would rather have. Take your pick.


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Has AK ALFA Just Modernized the AK-47? You Decide