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How Does an AK-47 Deal with a Wall of Bricks? [VIDEO]

The iconic AK-47 has been a go-to rifle for decades.

Sometimes people question the power of the AK-47. Then people get creative in their methods of proving that power.

Hickok45 tries one out with tracers against a cinderblock wall at 230 yards away.

The AK-47 has been around for well over six decades. The fully automatic versions are used in armed forces around the world.

This semi-automatic AK-47 has been chosen to target a cinderblock wall from a good distance. At 230 yards, the 7.62X39 bullets are hitting low due to a rainbow-like trajectory. The wall has 2 liter bottles and spray paint cans inside it to keep things interesting.

Hickok45 is no stranger to shooting tracers and wisely chose a very wet day after a heavy rain to avoid things like this.

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How Does an AK-47 Deal with a Wall of Bricks? [VIDEO]