maxim silverman model 1896 automatic pistol

Ahead of its Time: Maxim Silverman Model 1896 Automatic Pistol

Ian from Forgotten Weapons examines a pistol that was way ahead of its time.

The Maxim Silverman Model 1896 was a prototype semi-automatic pistol. Learn all about the absolutely incredible Maxim Silverman Model 1896 Automatic Pistol. 

While our friend Ian from Forgotten Weapons was at the Institute of Military Technology he found a very interesting prototype pistol. It was certainly way ahead of it's time.

The Maxim Silverman Model 1896 Automatic Pistol was a blowback action semi-automatic pistol of smooth lines. Looking at the shape it bears a striking resemblance to the Ruger Mark 1 pistol. That being said this pistol was chambered for a much larger caliber and this prototype predated Ruger's patent obviously by at least five decades. Talk about ahead of it's time.

Like many prototype pistols sadly this one went no further. Special thanks to Ian from Forgotten Weapons for finding such gems long lost to history.