Aero Hunter
All images by Brad Smith

Aero Hunter Evolution Shines at ATA 2017

If aren't familiar with the Aero Hunter Evolution tree hunting system, it's worth getting acquainted.

While at the ATA show in Indianapolis, Indiana, the last couple days, it's been easy to get sucked into craziness of the event and miss out on some of the diamonds in the rough. For example, when I walked past the Aero Hunter Evolution booth, I had to take a pause. What I was seeing was something I had to stare at for a while before I fully understood how impressive this tree hunting system is.

Aero Hunter pro staff member Bobby Boswell answered every single question I could throw at him about the safety, convenience, comfort, reliability, and functionality about this tree saddle. Surprisingly, he answered everything I could throw at him with relative easy. These tree saddles have been used in the tree cutting business for years. For Aero Hunter to come out with one designed for tree stand hunting, well it just seemed natural.

Aero Hunter

With this system, a hunter actually straps themselves directly to a tree. At no point is the hunter unconnected, allowing for a fall. With tree pegs that screw in where your feet would hang, all day comfort is actually a reality. The Evolution boasts a 5000 pound weight capacity for support. Also, all this fits into a small carry bag to complete the whole system.

If you are looking for a new way to hunt deer out of tree that allows for 360 degree shooting angles, this is for you. The Aero Hunter saddle system retails for $427 and available here. If you couldn't guess, orders have been pouring in. With the crowds gathered around their booth at the ATA show, they are only getting started.