Adventuress: The All-Female Outdoor and Country Lifestyle Magazine

Fan of fishing, hunting, and all things outdoors? Then you'll want to subscribe to this FREE all-female digital magazine.

Being an outdoor writer and photographer, I've worked with, as well as subscribed to, dozens of online and print publications. The quality can run the gamut, but that's to be expected in such a competitive space. A refreshing read, which I recently discovered, is the all-female digital magazine, Adventuress. It's a niche publication that's beginning to turn heads.

Jennifer Pudenz is the founder of Adventuress, creating the first issue in the spring of 2015. A graduate in journalism and design double major in college, Pudenz's vision was for a magazine tailored for the outdoor woman and her country lifestyle. All articles found within the pages are written by females, and all images depict outdoor women!


Pudenz has a passion for inspiring women to try new things, and by publishing informative articles on topics including fishing, hunting, gathering, gardening, and do-it-yourself projects, she has accomplished that goal nicely. For instance, in the latest issue, you'll find articles on searching for chaga mushrooms, crow hunting, ice fishing adventures, apex predator hunting, as well as a wonderful pictorial by a featured photographer. The articles are well-written and concise and the corresponding images are fantastic.

"I strive to highlight fellow outdoor women who deserve to be featured for their accomplishments, knowledge, writing and photography, but haven't because of the few opportunities for outdoor women to grace the covers or be published in hunting and fishing magazines. It's important to provide good, inspiring role models for both youth and the outdoors."

Did I mention that Adventuress magazine is FREE? It certainly is, and that's one deal that can't be beat.

Head on over to the website and be sure to subscribe. You'll also find back issues to read, as well as an informative collection of article blogs. The latest, a Wild Turkey Meatball recipe, is a timely one.

The Adventuress website can be found HERE.

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