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Abu Garcia Introduces New Veritas PLX Rod Variants

Abu Garcia's new Veritas Powerlux rods are lighter and stronger.

Anglers across the United States and the world are always looking for the next big thing in fishing equipment. The Abu Garcia Veritas line of rods has proven to be quite popular with fisherman, but it is set to get a whole lot better with the new Powerlux or PLX models.

We got the lowdown on the latest addition to the extensive Abu Garcia line during an ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) video conference with Pure Fishing and Abu Garcia this week.

Here is why the new PLX line of rods will be stronger and lighter than ever before and why this renowned rod series is going to be worth adding to your arsenal of fishing tools.

What's new for Veritas Rods.

So, what exactly do they mean when you hear Abu Garcia talk about Powerlux? Well, it turns out it is a type of nano resin made by 3M specifically for the Veritas line of spinning and casting rods. This resin is baked into the rod blanks. Nano particles in the resin fill in any voids within the 30-ton graphite carbon high strength fiber structure itself. What does this mean for fishing rod technology? Basically, it means the new Veritas PLX rods are up to 24 percent stronger than the last generation. At the same time, the newer model fishing rods will be five percent lighter. The high density EVA foam on the grips helps make these rods easier to clean and more balanced in the hand too.

The company was already using the Powerlux technology for some of their rods, but it was the higher-end $500+ ones, and likely out the average Joe's price range. Fortunately, they have refined the technology used to produce them and will now be able to offer them to a wider range of anglers at a more affordable price point. Some models will start at just $100.

Abu Garcia is releasing several different variations of rods in different sizes they say will catch everything from crappie to muskie. Some universal features across the line are going to be the ultra light zirconium inserts in the titanium alloy guides and what the company calls their "ROCS" system. ROCS stands for "Robotically Optimized Casting System." It refers to a guide train that helps Veritas casting rods reach longer casting distances when using lighter lures. These rods will be available in one and two-piece models. Available actions will include fast, extra fast, medium light, medium, medium heavy, and heavy. Lengths vary between 6' 3" and 7' 11".

Abu Garcia is building both casting and spinning rod configurations for the new PLX series, so there is certain to be something for everyone in this line no matter what kind of fishing you enjoy.

Rod variations

The company made sure to highlight several of the new rods to us during the video conference and we figured we would run through some of the more notable ones. First is the Veritas Frog rod. This 7'6", medium heavy power, one-piece rod is built specifically for frog baits. As we all know, big bass like to hang out under heavy grass mats and lily pads in the summer. You need a strong rod to muscle a those lunkers out if they get hung up. This rod should help you do that. The MSRP is $119.95 and it only weighs 5.7 ounces according to Abu Garcia specs!

Another rod highlighted to us was the Veritas Winch with an MSRP price range between $99.95 and $119.95.  Just like the frog, this one was designed for a specific purpose and this one is made to work crankbaits. They are offering five different variations of casting rod and one spinning rod for the Winch variation. Abu Garcia says these rods offer a moderate action thanks to the rod's parabolic bend.

The Toros line of rods are fast action and medium heavy to extra heavy casting rods designed specifically for saltwater inshore fishing or for large freshwater predators like pike and muskie. They are offering three different variations at lengths of 7'9", 8'0" and 8'6". Despite the heavy nature of these rods, they somehow managed to keep the weight down to just 11.1 ounces for the largest and heaviest model. The MSRP ranges from $149.95-$199.95.

The last most notable update to the line is adding Powerlux to the popular Veritas LTD line. These rods have gotten great customer reviews who praise them for their durability and price point. Eight baitcasting rods and three spinning rod variations with varying actions and powers will be produced. The price point will vary between $199.95 and $149.95 depending upon the model. Now almost every angler can own a high-quality bass rod or two.

See Abu Garcia's website for more information on their new product lines.

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