Abandoned Mine
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Man Hears Bone-Chilling Spooky Sounds While Exploring Abandoned Mine

Things get spooky in this abandoned mine.

Everyone enjoys a good spooky ghost story. Especially when you are spending time in the outdoors camping and exploring. There are few things in the world creepier than an abandoned mine. Mine shafts are dark, cold, claustrophobic, and as scary as it gets. There is a good reason we do not go wandering around in them.

The guy in today's video has decided that an abandoned mine is the ideal place to test and review a new flashlight. Why he decides to choose a dark and stormy night, we will never know. In any case, things are quiet at first as he explores the mine, looking at everything left behind by those seeking gold over 150 years ago.

Towards the end of the video, around the 12:20 mark, things get spooky. A series of sounds, which sounds a lot like people whispering, starts to echo through the mine. It sent a chill down our spines to hear it.

We do not know what that sound was, but it made the hair stand up on the back of our necks. We cannot imagine being down in that mine and hearing those sounds first-hand. There may be a perfectly rational explanation to it, but we do not think it was the wind or birds. The way the guy just passes it off as nothing and tries to carry on with the review blows our minds. We would have been beating feet to the exit as quickly as humanly possible.

In hindsight, picking a dark and stormy night to do a review on a flashlight seems like a bad idea. Of course, as a horror movie fan, maybe it is just my imagination running wild. Especially since the whole premise of this video seems like something out of a bad ghost movie!

As much as we enjoy exploring the abandoned places we run across in our outdoor adventures, we think we will be leaving abandoned gold mines alone after seeing this!

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