Abandoned Mining Town
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Explorer Checks Out Spooky Abandoned Mining Town in South Dakota

What have you found out in the wilderness?

It probably was not as cool as this 1890s mining town that has sat abandoned in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There are no roads leading to this place, the only way in is to hike. Parts of the town are slowly being reclaimed by nature. Some of the buildings look to be in danger of falling down on their own at any minute.

In any case, it is an amazing find and a fun, if creepy, place to explore. The more he looks around, the more he discovers hidden back in the trees.

Tag along with this explorer as he walks shows us around in the video below:

If only the walls of these buildings could talk. We are sure they would have some fascinating stories to tell.

This abandoned mining town was built back in the 1890s and was completely vacant by the 1940s. The town folded when the mine closed, as many did in the boom-or-bust markets back then. The towns were simply abandoned and left to rot as the miners moved on to the location of the next big ore strike. What is left is a time capsule that is rarely seen here in the U.S.

The fact that so many of these buildings are still standing all these years later is nothing less than incredible. It gives us a rare look into life in 1890s South Dakota.

When out in the wilderness, always keep your eyes open for signs from the past. The history lesson you might find could be incredible.

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