Dall Sheep

A Look at First Lite's Awesome New Dall's Sheep Video Series

Could you imagine never really having hunted before and winning a $50,000 Dall's sheep hunt through the Wild Sheep Foundation?

Tag Spenst, the digital marketing director of First Lite, doesn't have a wall full of big-game trophies. He's maybe pulled the trigger and connected on wild game less than half a dozen times. In fact, he just recently obtained his hunter's safety card in order to join the sport he so elegantly markets. And now, he could be the next guy to get kicked out of the Less Than One Club.

The Wild Sheep Foundation's Less Than One Club is the only club in the world you want to join and then get kicked out of. You can only be a member if you've never killed a wild sheep ram. In order to win this hunt, you have to be a member of the Wild Sheep Foundation, never have taken a wild sheep ram and be present at the convention in January when they give away the hunt. Spenst could check off every box.

Spenst, a member of the Wild Sheep Foundation, of course, won the opportunity to go on a $50,000 Dall's sheep hunt this year.

"This would be the equivalent of grabbing the water boy off the bench at the World Series and saying, 'Hey we just kind of need a grand slam,'" First Lite's Ryan Callaghan said.

Spenst has previously killed one suzy mallard and a quail according to the video. Now he's stepping up to the plate of the big leagues. Be sure to join First Lite and watch Spenst try to capitalize on this opportunity. He had luck on his side to win the hunt, so let's hope he has luck on his side as he heads out into the mountains to get his first ram!

Good luck, Tag!

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