Jamie Oliver’s Land Rover is a “Kitchen Car”

Only a chef could dream up a Kitchen Car like this.

When I think of customizing a car, I think of trim, audio, lift kits, rims, and tires, but I never thought of making my car into a kitchen on wheels.

Yet, that is exactly what Jamie Oliver has done to his Land Rover. He turned his vehicle into a kitchen. I guess that makes sense for the British TV chef, now he can cook up recipes wherever he is in the world. In any case, check out, this unique vehicle, which if you find, may just reward your stomach with a world-class meal.

A toaster in the car? A grill for steaks in the trunk? You may not want to leave your car very often if it could do all this.

For Jamie Oliver, his Land Rover depicts his passions in life. He drives a British originated car, highlighting his heritage around the world. But what he makes out of his car, is cooking which is technically and methodologically informed from around the globe.

What does your car say about you? Does it show what you're all about? For Jamie, it certainly does represent what he is and wants to be.