Gun Enthusiast Discovers Compound Bow Shooting... and the Addiction Begins

This avid firearms hunter takes up compound bow shooting to add to his hunting adventures and there is no turning back.

If you have one gift wish for that next birthday or holiday and are already a gun hunter now is the time to get into compound bow hunting. Not only will your big game hunting season get extended over a couple of more months due to liberal bow hunting dates in most states; you will also be getting into a form of hunting that will become an obsession.

Check out how this guy receives a great gift from his wife and joins the ranks of the dedicated archer.

After a hiatus from archery hunting for a number of years I am getting back into it. Bow hunting provides another facet to the dedicated gun hunter that will last a lifetime and the time is now to get into it. With high-quality complete bow packages from Cabela's, with the in-house expertise to back it up, you will be in good hands.

Now is the time to add bow hunting to your repertoire, head down to Cabela's and see their experts and try one out.