ABC News Australia

A Great White Shark Crash-Landed in an Australian Fisherman's Boat

"I don't think it's a big deal, the bloody thing just jumped in me boat!"

Those are the words of 73-year-old Terry Selwood, an Australian man with one heck of a fishing tale. That's because an 8-foot, 440-pound great white shark leaped out of the water and landed in his boat while he was fishing off the coastline of New South Wales, Australia on Saturday.

He was using a hand line to fish, but he wasn't after sharks. It seems this incredible incident is just a case of unbelievable coincidence.

"He came right over the top of the motor and then dropped onto the floor," Selwood told ABC News Australia.

"I was using two little bits of blue pilchard to fish for snapper on the bottom of the ocean, but that line was straight under the boat, not out the back where he came from," he told the news station.

The fisherman isn't sure why the shark decided to leap from the water, but he called the incident a "million to one shot."

Considering his boat was only about 14 feet long by four feet wide, when the shark did land, there wasn't much room for both Selwood and the shark!

The shark's rough skin did tear his arm open when it came down, but Selwood luckily escaped any bites. Selwood was able to get on the radio to authorities, who got him off the boat and towed it back in. The shark eventually died on the boat and will be autopsied.

But  the best part of the story is how Selwood brushes it off as nothing special.

"But really, it's not a great story, it's just a mundane thing that just happened and it's over done with, but something I'll remember," he told the station.

In fact, like a true fisherman, it seems he's more concerned with just getting the damages repaired so he can get back out there. Still, we can't help but wonder, if this is a mundane day on the water for him, we'd be interested to see an extraordinary day!