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Simple Truck Hack Could Help Get You Un-Stuck Without Having to Call Reinforcements

If you hunt a lot, chances are you've been stuck before or you'll get stuck eventually.

There is nothing worse than that feeling when you think you're getting stuck. Your truck begins to slide into a spot you don't want to be in and then your tires begin spinning and making this incredibly slippery rut you just can't get out of. Your heart rate increases as you fear having to walk or call a buddy to save the day. Plus the prospect of ruining your day of hunting and making you late for whatever other obligations you have that day.

Getting to our spots means sometimes crossing low, muddy spots after rains, and this little hack could go a long way when things go south.. In fact, it looks as if it works very well in this video.

I've been stuck multiple times after a hunt, and a little trick I've always used was scavenging for broken limbs and logs and laying a trail of them under my tire. Then, your tires grab traction on the wood and you can creep out of your predicament.

This little trick seems to be more effective.

It might be worth you grabbing a section of 2x4 and tossing it in the back of your pickup for this hunting season and seasons to come. Because you just never know when mother nature is going to try and spoil your day. This way, instead of calling our your buddies with a bigger vehicle and tow ropes, you can get free yourself and get back to hunting as soon as possible. Who doesn't want that?

This is redneck ingenuity at it's finest right here, folks. Rednecks may get a bad rap for being dumb, but sometimes they come up with some downright clever ideas.