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A Cool, Quick Way to Clean Trout for Eating

clean trout

Here's a quick and easy way to clean trout streamside or in the kitchen. All you need is a pair of scissors and running water.

Shoot, you don't even need a fillet knife to clean trout using this method. A few snips with a scissors and the use of your fingers, and voila! Your fish is clean and ready for the frying pan.

This method probably works best on small trout like brook trout and other small-scaled or smooth-skinned fish. I wonder if it would work on a bullhead?

Watch the video below:

How slick is that?

Of course the spine and ribcage bones are still present, but the meat is easily picked from the bones on trout.

I intend to give this a try the next time I'm fishing for brook trout. I'll save my filleting knife for the bigger brutes.

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A Cool, Quick Way to Clean Trout for Eating