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How to Build the Perfect Whitetail System With Sitka Gear

If you need new hunting gear, Sitka is the way to go.

Sitka gear is known for its quality, and they have something for everyone. Something I love about Sitka is their system builder. On their website, you can click on the system builder, input what kind of hunting you do and in what weather, and then it spits out all of the recommended gear for the job.

Then it's just a matter of picking the select items you need, and maybe a few more that you just want.

I mostly hunt whitetail, and I like to make sure all of my hunting clothes are suitable for bowhunting, too. So, I don't like anything too puffy or restrictive.

Using the system builder, I went through and found the pieces of gear Sitka recommends for deer hunting in multiple types of weather. Let's start with perhaps the most important, the base layer.

Base Layer

I can say from experience, a quality base layer is an absolute game-changer. With the exact same mid and outer layers on, I am much warmer with a quality base layer vs. the cheaper options out there. Sitka obviously has some good base layers of their own.

Their Core Lightweight Long Sleeve Crew is what they recommend for early season and late season. It's moisture-wicking and can even be used as a standalone shirt during hotter weather. Their Heavyweight Bottoms are built with comfort stretch fleece that is breathable, moisture wicking, and well-insulated. These are perfect bottoms for the fall and winter whitetail hunting.

Although, if you are like me, you probably prefer a little heavier base layer. Sitka also has a Core Midweight Zip-T which is a bit heavier and will keep you a bit warmer than the lightweight crew. Plus this shirt has a zipper that you can use to quickly cool down after the hike in.

Sitka also has a Heavyweight Hoody which they say should be an extension of your base layer in cold-weather hunts. You'll actually be warmer if you go with the lightweight crew and add this over it than you would be with the Midweight Zip-T on its own. Most of the time I would go with the Midweight Zip-T, unless the temperature got into the single digits.

Mid Layer

For a mid layer, Sitka recommends their Fanatic Hoody. This is a "high-performance hoody on steroids" as they say. This super-warm mid layer hoodie is unquestionably a fan favorite. It also comes equipped with their Polygiene Odor Control Technology. Sitka describes this technology as "body-mapped grid and microgrid fleeces (that) work together to regulate your body temp while keeping scent down." So you can get a hoodie that is going to keep you warm and keep your scent suppressed? Count me in.


After your mid layer, you need a bit more insulation before the thick outer layer. For just about any cool or cold weather, Sitka recommends their Celsius Midi Jacket. This is a warm jacket that you could honestly wear as an outer layer if it's dry and not super cold out. This camo jacket is versatile enough to find its way into every hunt, and its PrimaLoft Silver Active insulation will always keep you warm. Plus the outer material is a quiet nylon shell, so it won't make any noises when it slides past itself.

If it is a bit colder out, you may also want the Sitka Jetstream Vest. This is a super warm vest that would go under your Midi Jacket and focus on keeping your core warm. Your core is what will release the most heat, so using a vest like this keeps it warmer without making your arm sleeves even thicker. Thanks to Sitka's GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER laminate, this vest is going to keep the wind off your core, too.

If it's going to be especially windy and cold, you'll need another bottom layer, too. Matching the Midi Jacket, the Equinox Midi Pant is a great insulating mid layer that can also act as an outer layer in warmer fall temperatures.

According to Sitka, the material these pants are made of is also "ultra-quiet," so you don't have to worry about that annoying material-on-material noise as you walk, crouch, or stalk your prey.


Sitka has a number of outerwear combos, but I will only pick a couple here. They are generally a nice jacket paired with a pair of bibs. I normally leave my bibs at home until it starts to get really chilly, but Sitka has some bibs that they even recommend for the fall.

For cooler and dry weather, Sitka recommends the Stratus Jacket and Stratus Bib combo. The stratus combo is 100-percent windproof and will keep you especially warm in the fall. They are both made out of silent micro fleece, and the bibs even have silent snap cargo pockets. The jacket hood even has specialized hearing ports that improve your ability to hear with the hood on. However, the hood is also detachable if you don't want to mess with it.

If it's below freezing or really windy, the Sitka Fanatic Jacket and Fanatic Bib combo is the way to go. These are a step up from the Stratus combo. Sitka describes their Fanatic combo as "the total package for ultra-quiet warmth, utilizing the most advanced sound-suppressing fabric in the hunting world". The same GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER Technology makes this combo 100-percent windproof. They do, however, have the addition of PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft Ultra insulation, which is designed to keep you as warm as possible in the coldest conditions. The jacket is also designed with bow hunters in mind, as it's made specifically to minimize bulk in your draw arm and make the drawing process as quiet and easy as possible.

Finally, Sitka's ultimate jacket and bib combo is the Incinerator Aerolite Jacket and Incinerator Aerolite Bib. This combo is made with GORE-TEX material to make it completely waterproof, and Sitka calls it their warmest waterproof whitetail insulated jacket and bib. Instead of the typical silver level insulation, this combo comes with Synthetic PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core technology. This insulation is made to replicate down, but still stay warm when wet, and be machine washable. This combo has Sitka's maximum warmth, but is still not super bulky, so you can easily wear these while scooting up a tree in your climber stand.


On top of the normal clothes you are going to need in the field, Sitka also has all of the clothing accessories you may need. We won't spend as much time on all of these, but here is a quick overview of what they have to offer.

  • Gloves - Sitka has both slim bow hunting gloves, and thicker gloves for colder weather.
  • Hand Muffs - To cut down on the bulk of giant gloves, the Incinerator Muff makes a great tool for keeping your hands extra warm.
  • Neck Gaiters - These are essential in cold weather hunting, I never leave the house without mine.
  • Hats & Beanies - If you want an insulated hat or beanie, Sitka has it.
  • Backpacks & Backpack covers - You definitely need somewhere to store all your gear, if you need a replacement pack, Sitka features high-quality offerings.
  • Orange Vests - For gun hunters, the Sitka orange vest features an added shoulder pad to help with recoil.
  • Binocular Harness - A bino harness is essential for long-range or hunts in high country or on field edges.