A 60 Foot Fall Leaves An Alabama Teen Stuck In Italy With No Way Home
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A 60 Foot Fall Leaves An Alabama Teen Stuck In Italy With No Way Home

One Alabama teen is trapped in Italy following a tumble off a 60-foot cliff. He's now stuck at the hospital.

One Alabama teen is trapped in Italy following a tumble off a 60-foot cliff. The 18-year-old went on a dream Italy vacation that ended terribly. Hayden Hill made the foolish decision of jumping from a 60-foot cliff near a popular beach area. He was looking for the entrance to the beach and didn't realize how steep of the drop it was.

He ended up experiencing significant injuries, but he survived the fall with locals calling him Miracle Boy. However, that's where the teen's miracles end. Hill has been dealing with less-than-ideal conditions at the hospital in Italy. Worse, the hospital won't release him to return to America.

"Right now in Italy, they won't let him move, they won't let him sit up, they're not letting him do anything. They won't even give the kid a bedpan," the teen's sister, Hannah Hill, told WAFF 48. "Now, they're worried that he's getting a bedsore on his bottom. He's starting to cough up stuff. So, we're worried that he's going to start getting pneumonia."

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His mother flew out to Italy to be with Hill and try to get him home. In a series of Facebook posts, she shared how they are currently doing. She summed up the healthcare there. She said, "Socialized health care means all residents are assured access to health care. We are not residents! Nothing in Italy happens fast ... they have a very laid-back lifestyle.US citizens are spoiled and I'm included in this. We don't wait days for scans or tests. We love over communication and that's not so much the case here. Language barrier has been hard for all parties."

Teen Stuck In Italian Hospital

The teen's mother said there are plans to transport him to a better hospital with better care. She wrote, "If we can't find a way to leave here and get home by Saturday we are going to at least transfer to a better hospital in Rome where more people speak English and he might receive better care. Socialized healthcare is different people! Not bad necessarily but not anything like home."
It sounds like the Italian hospital is holding things up. She explained, "Ok so it's 9:00pm and we got good news today. His Brain scans are clear and neuro has released him to fly. Now the orthopedic doctor has a lot of restrictions for us to be able to leave here. He wants a doctor and a nurse to travel from the US to here in Rome and make the entire trip to Huntsville Hospital with us. By ambulance and plane on a stetcher. It's not that those are bad things but they will take a lot of time to pull together. Hayden needs to be in physical therapy out of this bed, out of a diaper, and sitting up so he doesn't get pneumonia. He has started coughing up dark brown mucus and he is getting a bed sore on his lower back but he is ALIVE and has a clear neurological scan!"