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Ever Heard of a .32 ACP Carbine?

.32 acp carbine

You're going to want to see this Dreyse Light Carbine in action.

Watch as Ian from Forgotten Weapons puts this gun to the test, but accidentally gets bitten in the process.

Did you see that little carbine chambered for the diminutive .32 ACP get a piece of Ian from Forgotten Weapons. How was that even possible? Well, the cocking indicator bar projects out the back of the receiver. This pin ended up under Ian's thumb nail not once, but twice. That certainly looks like a design flaw.

The Dreyse Light Carbine otherwise looks like a fun and quiet little gun to shoot. It would make for a nice small-game rifle. Its real use appears to have been lost throughout history.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Ian for sacrificing his thumb or this video and sharing a cool piece of history.

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Ever Heard of a .32 ACP Carbine?