A-10 Warthog
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A-10 Warthogs Annihilate Old Humvees in Live Fire Training Run Footage

These Humvees will not be any good at resale!

Arguably the single most destructive aircraft ever adopted by the United States armed forces, the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, aka: "The Warthog," is a ground soldier's best friend. This tough aircraft can take a beating from anti-aircraft guns and still deliver a devasting burst of suppressing gunfire to enemy positions.

We could talk all day long about the many things that make the A-10 such an effective and awesome aircraft, but in this it is easier to just show the capabilities of this plane.

The video below shows slow-motion footage of live fire training exercises in Idaho. These pilots absolutely batter these old Humvees in the exercise. As a bonus, they show some close-up shots of the damage after the plane has done its thing.

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This plane is famous mostly because of that awesome 30mm autocannon mounted into the nose of the plane. This gun is so powerful, it effectively cuts the plane's thrust from the jets in half when it fires. The rounds from this gun have a muzzle velocity of over 3,300 feet per second. There is no escaping an A-10 when it has you in its sights. In fact, the popular saying among soldiers is that if you hear that iconic "Brrrrrrpppptttt!" sound, don't sweat it. That just means you were NOT the target of this plane!

While the rounds from the autocannon appear to be live rounds, we are guessing that the "bombs" that hit the Humvee were dummy ones specifically for practice because there was no explosion. However, just imagine how much destructive power is behind the real thing if the practice rounds are enough to send that vehicle flying. Keep in mind that the lightest military Humvees weigh nearly 5,000 pounds, which is nothing to sneeze at for any vehicle. Most weigh more than that.

We think it is safe to say that Uncle Sam will not be reselling the Humvees used in this exercise, except maybe for scrap metal!

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