9mm Gatling Gun
YouTube: Hank Strange

9mm Gatling Gun Throwback Sure Can Burn Through the Ammo

This 9mm gatling gun just looks like too much fun.

In the gun world, almost every shooting enthusiast can relate to that feeling when you see a firearm that has almost no practical purpose, but you want one anyway. In many cases, it's a need we did not know we had until we saw the firearm in action. We're feeling that heavily today.

This is the Tippmann Armory gatling gun in 9mm. It should look familiar to history buffs. It's a downsized version of the first guns that were used back during the Civil War.

Only this firearm has a few modern features you may not expect. For instance, it takes Glock mags! Of course, what doesn't these days? In any case, just watch the video below to see this throwback with modern flair in action. You'll instantly want one too.


That's such a slick design. In case you're wondering what it's like to shoot a gun like this, the smile on Lola's face kind of said it all didn't it? We had to look further into this gun after watching this video. In case you're wondering about the price, the MSRP is $5,000! Still, we can dream, can't we?

This really is a downsized version of Richard Jordan Gatling's 1861 design. While you may think that this gun was designed to give a firepower boost, Gatling's original intent was to lessen the number of troops on the battlefield and the possibility for the spread of disease by effectively turning one soldier into one hundred.

While hand-cranked gatlings like this are rare to find these days, the multi-barrel part of the design was later repurposed for weapons like the M134 minigun and the M61 Vulcan autocannon.

The only downside we see to this 9mm gatling gun is that 9mm ammo is quite scarce right now. Taking one of these to the gun range would be an expensive proposition, albeit an extremely fun one! Still, you can add this to our Christmas list for this year, you know, in case anyone was shopping for us...

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