The Dwarf Hotot Rabbit: Cuteness You Can Hold in One Hand

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits are some of the most striking breeds of bunnies. But they also have plenty of attitude and can match your every mood. Dwarf Hotot Rabbits, sometimes called the "eye of the fancy" for their distinctive markings, are known for their ridiculous levels of cuteness.

From their little size to their dark, eye-shadow coloring, they are distinct and unique among bunnies. Their tiny size makes them great companions, as they can be easily held just in one hand.

They are also incredibly playful, mischievous, and full of personality. Intelligent and always coming up with new ways to entertain themselves, they are fun and active pets that will keep you laughing.

History of the Breed

According to Lionhead Rabbit Care, the Dwarf Hotot originated from a cross of the Netherlands Dwarf and White Hotot. This dwarf breed isn't a smaller version of the Hotot, but rather its own breed. The America Rabbit Breeders Association recognized the Dwarf Hotot in 1983.

Breed Characteristics

This tiny breed of rabbit is adorable. The Nature Trail states that these small rabbits have a snowball shaped body type and are characterized by their white coats and black or chocolate eyebands. These black eyebands often give the impression that a rabbit is wearing eyeliner. These small rabbits weigh only a few pounds when full-grown, and thanks to their small size, you can hold them in the palm of your hand.

Sometimes rabbits are born with black spots or colored spots on their body. These characteristics, along with eyebands that are incomplete, disqualify the rabbits from showing, but though they might not be show quality, they still make great pets.

These bunnies need minimal grooming, and a single grooming session once a week usually suffices. When they're molting, they'll need more frequent grooming. They have short coats, called rollback coats, and soft fur.

Caring for the Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

According to Pets Mentor, the Dwarf Hotot can be an indoor or outdoor pet. If you keep your Dwarf Hotot as a house rabbit, you'll need to make sure that you always know where he is when he's out of his cage—these bunnies are so small that you could step on them. If kept outdoors, make sure that your hutch is secure and large enough to keep your bunny comfortable.

These rabbits will need some standard health care. It's important to monitor your rabbit's front teeth to make sure that they're wearing down normally. Hard chew toys can help to manage teeth length and health.

Dwart Hotots can also develop hairballs if they ingest fur while grooming. Laxatives can help to relieve hairballs if they do occur, but it's also important to take your rabbit to the vet for treatment and to make sure those hairballs don't reoccur.

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits are mini bundles of cute, and they make great pet rabbits! If you are looking to add a little rabbit to your family, make sure to bunny-proof your house and look into the right breed for you.

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