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8-Year-Old Sells Art to Feed Homeless Animals

You don't need much to spread kindness.

This sweet 8-year-old, Emma Brennan works on animal creations that look like 'rock art' and has made more than 100. She sells them to buy food for homeless animals.

When she learned that not all animals have forever homes, she was inspired to kick off this project. Before she started selling her rock art she was hiding them around town to simply spread the love for all animals. She still hides them around businesses with the help of her grandmother. The following message is included with each piece.

"Find me, post me, re-hide me, and Emma Brennan's Rock Facebook message 2019 Maine, Love for all Animals."

She's trying to make a difference in the world. Look at all the social posts! Her rock art has traveled as far as Alaska.

She started selling them for between $5 and $20.

News Center Maine reported this story and interviewed Brennan.

"When we're done selling them we go to the store and we buy food for the animals and we go to a shelter that needs food and we give it to the animals."

Even with her donations to local shelters, she still enjoys hiding her rock art in random places to spread kindness to animals.

Animal shelters need all the help they can get. A little rock painting and a creative idea went a long way thanks to Brennan. How cool for a little girl to see her creations show up on social media in places as far as Alaska. We hope she continues to make these pieces of art and sell them locally but we really hope she continues to hide them around town as these acts of kindness spread a very important message.

I'm sure on her wish list is to have someone share in every state and perhaps we can share this and spread her acts of kindness by telling her story! Let's make sure Emma Brennan is famous and her story is shared so people in New York, Michigan, and every other state spread what she does for her love of animals.

This little girl makes acts of kindness look pretty easy. Leave a comment below with your story. 

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