Michigan Boy Saves Sister From Pitbull Attack By Fighting Back
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8-Year-Old Michigan Boy Saves Sister From Pit Bull Attack By Fighting Back

An 8-year-old Michigan boy recently came to his 6-year-old sister's aid and saved her life. He fought back against a pit bull after it attacked his sister. Fortunately, he saved her from an attack that could have easily been deadly. Now, people are commending the young child for his quick thinking and bravery.

Both Nicholas and his sister Lillian were playing in their grandparents' backyard. That's when the neighbor's dog got loose. The dog was a pit bull and made its way through the neighbor's fence. That's when it made it's way into the backyard where Nicholas and Lillian were playing. Their mother Rebecca Chitwood opened up to Fox News about her son's bravery.

She said that her children didn't know the dog. "They did not know the dog," Chitwood said. It's not the first time that the dog has gotten free, and it has a history of that sort of thing. Now in the back yard, the dog lunged at Lillian, biting her own her face and neck.  "She has several bites on her neck that were 3 cm. from severing the artery in her neck," Chitwood said. "She also had her left eyelid repaired. Several sutures. And she has extensive nerve damage in her face."

Michigan Boy Springs Into Action

That's when the Michigan boy ran forward to help his sister. Nicholas heard her screams.  "He jumped on the dog. And pulled it off her and continued to kick it until her grandpa came to help," Chitwood said of her son. "He was just trying to save his sister. He heard her let out a scream and ... he jumped into action."

Fortunately, the Michigan boy's quick thinking saved his sister. However, she suffered significant injuries in the attack with her face mauled. Emergency responders transported her to the University of Michigan Hospital. Her family has opened up a GoFundMe to help with donations. "I'm so sad for my daughter. She's afraid to look in the mirror. She's afraid to start school in the fall for fear of bullying — she's afraid of dogs," she said.

After the attack, Chitwood said she wants the dog's owner to "take accountability." She also urges other pet owners to take care of their pets. "[A]nimal cruelty begins at home," she said. Sadly for the pit bull, animal control ended up euthanizing it.