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Here's What to Do in the Treestand When the Hunting is Slow

Let's face it, some days spent hunting are slow.

On those slow days it can be tempting to climb down from your stand and head for the house. Odds are that's when you'll either startle that monster buck you've been hoping for, or see him on your trail cam with the time stamp ten minutes after you left.

Missing a big buck isn't funny, but this video is!

Check out Brian Madison's eight tips on what to do when there's just not much going on out there.

I think we're all guilty of at least a few of these! Although, I might add napping since I tend to nod off when it's slow. Maybe reading would be a better option than singing?

Unless you're Snow White and your voice magically brings game around. In that case sing away!

What would you add to this list? You've got to have some tips for passing the time in the stand!