8 Reasons to Consider a Mystery Tackle Box Subscription

If you fish, you know how expensive lures are. Mystery Tackle Box is here to help. 

A tackle shop is like a candy store for fishermen. We want to try all the different flavors. As you walk down the aisle in your favorite sporting goods store, it's easy to keep tossing lures into your basket. Each added bait quickly racks up the price.

Many of you have heard of Mystery Tackle Box, the monthly subscription tackle provider. But if you're like me, you might need a little extra information before you bite.

1. It's affordable.

As I mentioned above, consistently buying fishing tackle can get expensive. Perhaps the best selling point for me, is the money-saving aspect. Lures that get delivered to your door from Mystery Tackle Box can come discounted as much as 40 percent off retail price.

That's a significant discount. It's hard to argue against a service of such great value. If your local sporting goods store held a similar sale, anglers would come in flocks and clean the shelves. Plus, at $15 for the regular box, or $25 for the pro version, the total price per month is less than a tank of gas.

2. You can select your species preference.

Initially, I thought that Mystery Tackle Box sent you a variety of lures for all game fish. It turns out that you can clarify exactly what kind of fish you're chasing, and the corresponding lures used for that specific species. This makes the box much more appealing if you're a die hard fisherman who only chases a certain type of fish.

3. They have a special way to ensure great variety.

Mystery Tackle Box has developed an algorithm which allows them to uniquely identify your preferences, while avoiding sending you duplicate lures. You'll receive a nice variety of new types of baits each month, giving you the chance to test out fresh products.

Image Courtesy of Mystery Tackle Box

4. There are monthly prizes!

A fairly new development from Mystery Tackle Box is the #MTBKeeper challenge on Instagram. The new boxes fold out into a bump board for measuring your fish. Upload pictures of your catch while measuring them on the bump board, and you'll have a chance to win great monthly prizes.


5. Support your favorite YouTube anglers

For beginners and veteran fishermen alike, it's always nice to have some visual aid when learning how to use a new lure. Mystery Tackle Box sponsors many seasoned pros who explain how to use the products.

Image Courtesy of Mystery Tackle Box

5. No hidden shipping costs.

Whether you choose the $15 or the $25 box, that's the final price. You don't have to pay any extra costs for shipping.

6. Mobile alerts.

One of Mystery Tackle Box's newest additions to their service throughout this past year has been mobile alerts. Exclusive discounts, early product releases, and various promotional opportunities are available to you at the touch of your fingertips. You'll never miss out on a great deal again, even if you're out on the water.

7. Stickers!

Along with an awesome assortment of new lures each month, you'll receive a sticker decal from a different brand on every delivery. These are perfect for placing on tackle boxes or boat windshields. Fishermen love to represent their favorite companies by proudly displaying their logos.

Image Courtesy of Mystery Tackle Box

8. It's the original subscription tackle box.

Mystery Tackle Box is the original and leading tackle subscription service. There are others like it, but MTB has been around the longest. This has given them the opportunity to perfect their craft, and figure out exactly what it is that anglers want.

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