8 Ridiculously Useful PVC Hunting Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Using PVC for hunting projects can make your season better, and at a low price.

PVC pipe is something that is not generally thought of as a hunting accessory. But when used in certain ways it can be one of the cheapest and most effective solutions to many common hunting problems.

These are all easy projects that can make your hunting season easier, and more successful. Check out these five hunting PVC uses.

1. PVC Ground Blinds

A PVC ground blind can be a great hunting hunting tool. With just a few supplies and a short amout of time, you can build your own PVC ground blind and be hunting in no time.

It is a cheap, effective solution to ground blind hunting. The PVC ground blind can be installed at any time during the season and can even be moved around if the need arises.

2. Scent Storage/Survival Cache

PVC can be a great scent storage tool. Your scent type will affect exactly how you build your scent tube, but just cut the smallest size PVC pipe down to size and glue an end piece on one side. The other side will need a cap that can be taken on and off, whether you choose a plug or a screw cap is up to you. I would then personally paint it some color other than white.

3. Deer Feeders


A piece of PVC pipe and a few couplings will make an excellent deer feeder. Just drop the corn in the top and watch the deer gather around all year long to partake in the feeding. And they are cheap enough that you can easily put one near every stand.

4. Bow Stand

This is not as much for hunting but for your preperation. A bow stand makes practicing your archery so much easier and more convienent. A place to set your bow as well as put your arrows as you target practice can make a world of difference in how often you actually do practice.

5. Target Stand

A target stand make out of PVC can be useful for sighting in and practicing with your bow or with your gun. Both should be done often and having a lightweight, cheap, pre-built target stand makes the task that much easier.

6. Polar Bear Tubes

Polar Bear tubes are essentially ice packs for your cooler. To keep your lunch fresh and then again to keep the meat from your harvest cold until you get it home. In a pinch Polar Bear tubes can also be used as clean drinking water.

7. Treestand Retrieval Tool

While the amount of PVC in this build is relativley low, it is still an amazing invention. The instructions given on how to build this are very clear and anyone can follow them. I will make sure I have one of these in my bag for next season.

8. PVC Hunting Bow


There are hundreds of different ways to make a homemade PVC hunting bow. Pick your favorite looking design and get to building. Who knows, you may be able to harvest an animal this winter with the PVC hunting bow that you build.