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How to Build a PVC Ground Blind

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A PVC ground blind can be one of the cheapest and simplest blinds you can use this season.

Sometimes you need to change your hunting strategy midseason. This can sometimes be a difficult task if you have permanent stands or blinds in place. Today you will learn a super quick and easy solution to getting a new PVC ground blind set up in time for your afternoon hunt.

What is a PVC ground blind?

The complexity of your PVC ground blind is completely up to you but the basic principle is to build a curtain rod out of PVC that you will cover with camouflage and branches. It’s a very simple concept that has proven to be very effective.

What materials are needed?

Again, this depends on how complex you want your PVC ground blind to be. But the basics are:

  • PVC pipe ( 1″ to 1.5″ depending on length)
  • Camouflage cloth
  • Wood screws
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How to build your PVC ground blind:

To build your PVC ground blind it will help if you know where you want to install the blind. Just find some trees that you want to hunt from. A triangle of trees about five feet apart is ideal but you can make almost anything work. Once you find your trees just measure the distance between each tree and you’re ready to start.

1. Cut your PVC to the distance between the two trees.

You may want to leave it a little longer than what you measured just to be safe but if you make them too long they will stick out and get in the way.

2. Pre-drill screw holes.

You will be using screws to attach your PVC pipes to the trees so pre-drilling holes for the screws will make this much easier. Make a hole on the outside of the pipe for the screw and screw head and a smaller hole on the side that will touch the tree for just the screw to pass through.

3. Prepare your cloth.

If you or someone you know is handy with a sewing machine, you can sew a loop in the end of your cloth to use it just like a curtain on the rod. If not, you can just drape it over the rod after it is attached. Just make sure you have enough material to cover the rod and go all the way to the ground.

4. Install your PVC ground blind.

Now you are ready to head to the woods and install your PVC ground blind.  At this point, all you should need is a screwdriver and your screws. Just pick your height, screw each end of the PVC into the tree and make sure your cloth is covering everything. To make it even better, you can take some fallen branches and lean them against the rail to break up the straight line.

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How to make your own bale blind

Things to consider:

How permanent do you want your PVC ground blind to be? If you are looking for a permanent blind you will want to spend a little more time and make a few small upgrades.

  • Paint. If the tips of your PVC stick out, a touch of paint can help hide this.


  • Extra support. Especially if your trees are further apart. You can cut your PVC and use a “T” splitter to make a support leg for your blind. This can also make sure it is stable enough you to use as a gun rest.


  • Durability. Depending on the type of fabric you use, you may want to have the option to take it down when not in use. This can keep the fabric in good condition longer, and you can even use the same fabric for multiple PVC ground blind locations.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your new PVC ground blind ready today.


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How to Build a PVC Ground Blind