8 Crafty Ways to Save Money on Hunting Gear

Stretch your dollar further with these eight strategic shopping techniques. 

Getting the most out of your money, is always a good feeling. We've compiled a few shopping methods to save some money, so you can keep saving for that dream hunt, hunting lease, or whatever else your heart desires.

Check out this list of 8 money saving shopping methods for hunting gear.

1. Amazon

Unless you're living under a rock, Amazon is quickly becoming the go-to for just about everything. Amazon offers a crazy wide selection of hunting products, crazy fast shipping, and very competitive prices.

Since many vendors can list a given a product, hunters can often get products under retail prices.

2. In Store Sales

Speaking of retail prices, it's still possible to get good deals in brick and mortar stores. With increased competition of e-commerce, retail stores are getting crafty with door busters, exclusive in-store sales, and it's hard to beat actually putting hands on a product before purchasing. Bass Pro is constantly sending mailers to residents for seasonal sales that can be tough to beat.

3. Facebook Groups


Facebook can be a hidden gem for getting stretching dollars for hunting gear.

There's a buy, sell, and swap for just about every brand and product category. Obviously this is the least secure transaction, but it can often yield the absolute best deals. Archery groups are perfect for snagging a very nice bow at a very low price.

4. eBay

eBay has been around for a long time and it's still a great place to buy new or used hunting equipment. eBay is also great for learning what your equipment might be worth. Just change the search settings to 'sold.'

5. Consumer Direct Business

This one might come as a surprise, but with more retail stores going bankrupt by the month, direct to consumer businesses are gaining more traction and saving hunters money.

The most popular direct-to-consumer hunting company is Kuiu. They provide high-quality premium products, but cut out the retail mark up. This business models is something new, and possible thanks to the Internet. The graph above helps break it down the business model. So how is buying from a consumer direct business crafty?

Basically take anything from Exodus Trail Cams, Pnuma, Kuiu, Maven Optics and double the price; that would be the price of their products if it were a retail store. If I had to venture a guess, many more consumer direct businesses will pop up over the next five years, but we will have to wait and see.

6. Garage Sales

This might seem obvious, but sometimes the best deals are the owns that go down on Saturday morning. I've found some steals at garage sales like goose decoys, vintage duck calls, and even rattling antlers.

If you're not sure about a price, just look it up on your phone and you'll be certain to make a good purchase decision. Hitting up garage sales might be the most time consuming, but who doesn't enjoy an old fashioned garage sale?

7. Forum Sales


Forums can still be a great place to buy hunting gear for a killer price. Bowhunting.com has a few threads that are filled with solid deals.

 8. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are floating around the Internet for just about every company. Try googling this; "company name" "coupon". The direct search should uncover a coupon code or two for the desired company.

With these eight shopping methods, you'll be sure to purchase some gear at cheap prices. Just remember, the more patient you can be, the better price you'll be able to scrounge up.