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7mm Remington Magnum: Profiling the Rifle Cartridge

Here's why the popular magnum cartridge has gained a loyal following for hunting large game and shooting long range.

Introduced in the '60s along with the Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle, the 7mm Rem Mag boasted speeds exceeding 3,000 fps with 150-grain bullets and over 2,800 fps with 175-grain bullets.

Similar to but slightly more powerful than the .270 Winchester that came before it, these 7mm bullets quickly became popular in North America for their accuracy at longer ranges, flatter trajectory and relatively easy handload capability.

Let's take a look.

Sniper Ammo

Along with the .300 Winchester Magnum, this cartridge is commonly paired with sniper rifles for law enforcement.

Big Game Hunting Cartridge

With flat shooting performance and tolerable recoil, this magnum cartridge is a favorite for hunting whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, bull elk, black bear and other North American big game animals (when bullet weight is properly matched to the intended target).

According to legendary big-game hunter Craig Boddington, this cartridge is well-deserving of its fame for pairing with hunting rifles.

"Whether you love it or, as I do, merely respect it, you must give the 7mm Remington Magnum its due: It is extremely versatile, offering fantastic performance at a very acceptable price in recoil. These days it has stiff competition from many other fast 7mms, some shorter and fatter, others longer and faster. In fact, its market has been diluted so much that it appears to be slipping a bit in overall popularity. This is almost inevitable...but it still stands as one of our very best open-country cartridges, and while it may not always remain the world's most popular magnum, it will almost certainly continue to rank as the world's most popular 7mm rifle cartridge."

Some 7mm Remington Mag factory loads include:

  • 110-grain bullet Barnes TTS
  • 140-grain bullet Nosler AB
  • 150-grain bullet Soft Point
  • 165-grain bullet Sierra GK BT
  • 175-grain bullet Soft Point

Performance will depend on your barrel length and overall setup, so be sure to do your research and optimize.

  • Bullet diameter: .284 in/7.2 mm
  • Case length: 2.5 in/64 mm
  • Overall length: 3.29 in/84 mm

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