7mm-08 Remington
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7mm-08 Remington: The Round and 7 Great Rifles Chambered for It

The 7mm-08 Remington is a solid big game hunting round.

In the world of Wildcat centerfire hunting rounds, the .308 Winchester is the parent case for many interesting and versatile offspring rounds. One of those being the 7mm-08 Remington, an older rifle cartridge that's been around since 1958 and is still going strong.

Hunting rifles for the 7mm-08 Remington are made by almost every major manufacturer because the versatile round is perfect for everything from varmints to big game hunting. It can handle most of the usual popular North American animals like mule deer, whitetail, and even elk and black bears with ease.

Today we'll talk about the round a little and give some recommendations on rifles for the 7mm-08 Remington that are sure to become your favorite new hunting tools.

7mm-08 Remington the round.

As we already noted, this round's parent case is the .308 Winchester. It was designed by Remington Arms, who necked down the .308's case for a 7mm bullet instead. Although we should note the two hunting cartridges are nearly identical in size and performance. The 7mm-08 Rem's bullets have a slightly better ballistic coefficient as they produce less drag in the air, making them great for long-range shooting at medium sized game. Shooters quickly embraced the round for its excellent ballistics and light recoil, which make it a manageable round for youth and hunters with smaller frames.

As far as muzzle velocities go, the 7mm-08 offers some excellent performance from factory loads here. Hornady 120-grain SST Custom Lites will give a velocity of about 2,675 fps at the muzzle and 2,435 fps at 100 yards. Heavier bullets like the Nosler Accubond Trophy Grade offer some excellent performance too. You're looking at 2,825 fps at the muzzle and 2,636 fps at 100 yards for their 140-grain offerings. Norma makes a 150-grain bullet called the "whitetail" that boasts 2,756 fps at the muzzle and 2,489 fps at 100 yards.

This round has also been extremely popular on the handloading market because of its easy reloading. Companies like Barnes, Hornady, and Nosler have responded by offering a variety of bullet weights specifically for reloaders. Now, let's look at some rifles in this versatile round that will help you fill up that freezer next hunting season.

Browning X-Bolt Hunter

Even though this rifle boasts a black walnut stock, Browning kept the weight down to just 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Now you can have a classic hunting rifle without it being a chore to lug through the woods. This short-action rifle features a 22-inch barrel length and is free floating. It has a 60-degree bolt lift for faster cycling and Browning's signature feather trigger system that allows adjustments from three to five pounds. It's fed through detachable rotary magazines and has Inflex recoil pad technology. Not that 7mm-08 has a lot of recoil to begin with, but it does add to the ergonomics of this great rifle.

Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather

The Model 70 has been a staple of deer camps across the country for decades now. And Winchester just keeps making it better as time goes on. The Extreme Weather MB is built for exactly that, tough conditions. The composite material stock and stainless steel finish are going to hold up well when faced with snow, rain, and other adverse weather conditions. This rifle comes in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and features a 22-inch, fluted stainless barrel with a 1:9.5 twist rate to help keep those long shots on target. We also dig the three-position safety on this rifle. This allows you to lock the firing pin, yet still operate the bolt, making it a very safe firearm to use.

Savage 110 Timberline Backcountry

The Savage Model 110 is a classic bolt-action rifle. This version takes the classic buttery-smooth action and puts it into a rifle with new, modern features for the serious hunter who wants to target multiple species. This rifle features a 22-inch carbon steel barrel with a 1:9.5 rate of twist. Savage finished it with an O.D. Green Cerakote to help protect against rain and snow conditions. One thing we really appreciate with Savage is the number of ways you can adjust it. The AccuFit system allows complete adjustments to the comb height and length of pull. And the AccuTrigger system allows quick and easy adjustments to the trigger pull weight.

Weatherby Mark V Hunter

It's hard to argue against the Weatherby name if you are looking for a high-end hunting rifle. The Mark V checks all our boxes when it comes to features you could want in your next gun. For one, Weatherby guarantees a sub-MOA three-shot group using their own factory or premium ammo. This rifle has a 54-degree bolt throw, which they boast is the shortest in the industry. The barrel is 22 inches long and features a 1:9 rate of twist. It's also threaded for a suppressor straight out of the box. Weatherby also offers a few different types of Cerakote finish to help protect from the elements. Another big selling point is the weight. This rifle only weighs 6.1 pounds, making it a true joy to carry deep into the backcountry after that big buck or bull.

Tikka T3x Lite Veil Wideland

At 40.2 inches, the Tikka T3x offers a slightly more compact package that will be at as home in the mountains as it will be in more dense, brushy cover. Tikka shaved excess weight everywhere they could with this rifle by fluting the bolt and barrel. Combine that with the synthetic stock and you've got a rifle that weighs just 6.7 pounds. The 20-inch barrel features a 1:9.5 rate of twist and has a Cerakote Midnight Bronze finish for protection. The barrel is also threaded, making it suppressor ready. Another cool feature is the modular stock system that allows users to change the angle of grip and the width. It just helps to customize the rifle to each shooter's preferred tastes. When it feels better in the hands, you are naturally going to shoot better.

Christensen Arms Ridgeline

Another high-end offering, the Ridgeline has a 24-inch barrel with a 1:9 rate of twist for maximum accuracy at a distance. This rifle has a carbon fiber composite stock that helps cut the weight to just 6.3 pounds, making it an ideal mountain gun choice. Christensen Arms offers several different stock finish configurations. You can get the barrel with either a natural stainless or burnt bronze Cerakote finish. The barrel also has a steel radial muzzle brake. Christensen Arms also keeps southpaws in mind consistently. This model is available in a left-handed version.

Ruger Hawkeye Compact

One of the more interesting 7mm-08 offerings on the market today this this 35-inch rifle from Ruger. Featuring a barrel length of just 16.5 inches, this rifle provides excellent handling in tight quarters and brushy areas. The barrel has a 1:8.5 twist rate and features a satin blue finish. It only weighs six pounds too, which means a youth hunter could handle it easily. Ruger gave the Hawkeye an American walnut stock and stainless steel bolt that just adds to the classical look of the rifle. This rifle also features a three-position safety, integral scope mounts, and Ruger's LC6 trigger system.

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