Mossy Oak

The 70th Turkey Hunting Season for Mr. Fox Haas, Mossy Oak's Founding Father, Will Pull on Your Heart Strings

This video of the pursuit of a bird for the founding father of Haas Outdoors and the Mossy Oak brand encompasses all that we dearly love about hunting: Family, friends, passion, and the hunt itself.

Mr. Fox Haas, the founding father of Mossy Oak, just turned 87. He also just experienced his 70th season as a turkey hunter. Let that sink in for a bit.

This video is rich in tradition, love, and passion, and I am sure it will touch your heart like it did mine.


If you are a hunter, this video is sure to make you smile.

Every now and then, a video or story will come out that really encompasses what hunting means to us as outdoorsman. We often bicker and debate with anti-hunting groups or people who just don't understand what hunting means to us as whole. It is much more than the hunt itself, and when videos like this tell a story so beautifully, it makes me want to share it will all those who question the sport.

What an inspiration, and a truly remarkable story. I can only wish that someday I will get to enjoy the deer or turkey woods with my own grandsons like this. Hunting often comes full circle, and it is extraordinary to hear the Haas's explain how Carl started this love for turkey hunting, and is now getting the favor returned some 70 years later.

Mr. Carl Fox plans to make it to another season, and we hope he does get to smell another year of spring morning airs, with big toms hammering on the roost.

We all have those special people that introduced us to the outdoors. Those that showed us the ropes and taught us of conservation. There is a lot of life lessons to be learned in the woods and on a hunt, it is just a special place to be.

I specifically enjoyed hearing of Toxey describing his first hunts with his father. Mentioning how his dad would tell him to be quieter but speed up. In return he would just try to mimic his fathers steps, literally placing his foot wherever his father's foot had been.

It brings me back to my first hunts when my dad would take me. Not knowing what you were doing out there, but mimicking every move of the one you looked up to. That is how many of us began and where our obsessions all started. And that is why I often say hunting is so much more than the hunt.

It's the moments, the memories, the's a way of life. And it is a life I wouldn't trade for anything. In a world so focused on negative things and the hustle and bustle, getting lost in the woods is such a refresher.

Toxey mentions at the end that he knows this story isn't as big of a deal to the rest of the world as it is to them, but he wanted to share it anyway. But, I think it is a big deal to the rest of us, because in some shape or form, it is the rest of us.

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